With Masterdojo, you can scale your business in 30 days with your own custom-branded app.

A game-changing offer for entrepreneurs, coaches, and organizations.

The all-in-one digital business platform that has been designed to provide the ease and efficiency of running your business. Masterdojo is created by taking your pain points into consideration. Whether you are a new or a seasoned business owner looking to scale your business and grow your audience, Masterdojo offers a solution to give your business that identity it deserves in the market.

With unique features that range from referrals to content distribution and push notifications, we have made sure that you only need to use one platform to run and grow your business.

Host your content, sell your physical products, market your online and offline events, as well as let us help you design your own app to serve as your company’s employee learning management system.

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What you’ll get

Custom branding

With the help of our experts at Masterdojo, differentiate your brand from the masses with an app that is 100% branded as yours. Customise your clients’ experience with your very own branding. Start their journey from the very first step when they download your white label app onto their iOS or Android devices.

Focus on what you do best and leave the technology to Masterdojo.

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Create & sell online-courses

Create your own online training course or sell physical products that showcase your expertise. Make it easy for your clients to share your work with their network and amplify the reach of your wisdom with a global community with a simplified referral marketing feature!

Let’s be honest – you needed this since yesterday!v

Repurpose your content into revenue stream

Turn your audio, video recordings and your e-books into revenue-generating resources while leading your clients to success! Package and repurpose the content in your repertoire and generate passive income by simply helping your clients through your wisdom.

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Referrals made easy

Grow your business virally! This is the digitized system for your word of mouth referrals to grow your business and products, quickly and efficiently. Generate leads from existing clients at NO cost to you!

Each client you have has over 500 contacts in their phone book. All the potential customers and leads you want is right there! Referrals are known as the single most powerful sales tool in business and we have crafted this at Masterdojo to be the ideal solution for you.

The growth of your business is in the pockets of your clients. Go viral with no added investment.

Push notifications

Use Masterdojo to create notifications, reminders and updates from anywhere. Drive engagement, straight from your smartphone. Leverage an open rate of up to 95% of push notifications vs. 17% via email, and reduce your own back-end costs while increasing customer experience and show-rate by using Masterdojo’s business platform!

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Digitized payment system

Masterdojo offers a fully automated payment system, powered by Stripe payment processing platform. Masterdojo has done the work and automated everything for you so that all you have to do is nominate your bank account and your sales revenue will be transferred straight into your personal account through Stripe.

*3% Strip processing fees apply

Your brand. Your customers. Your data.

with the help of Masterdojo

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Client interaction management in ONE place

Your clients’ registrations, referrals received, testimonials, and tracking of your invoices - all managed and monitored in ONE single digital business platform, that is.

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Responsive design

Modern and intuitive design to provide the solution that your clients need.

Masterdojo has done the hard work for you. You’ll get a branded iOS app, Android app and Web application.


Dashboard & insights

No more guessing games, gain access to advanced analytics and insights on your clients’ referrals engagement, course completion and much, much more by using Masterdojo; a digitized business platform.

Be ahead of the game with all of this at your fingertips!

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Video testimonials

Encourage your clients to share their experience with you via video recordings from their smartphones. For customers, giving testimonials is simplified by Masterdojo. Leverage these assets as your video testimonials to expand your reach with their consent. You can select which testimonials are to be featured on the platform for public display to help you double your marketing and business returns.

Marketing content can’t possibly get more authentic or free without Masterdojo, a real win-win outcome!

Community platform

Community platform Enable your clients to engage in an online community that is on a secure platform. Unlike the popular social media sites, Masterdojo does not use that data to market you and your clients - privacy matters and your clients will love you for it!

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From order to launch in 30 days

Within 30 days you can transform education, content distribution, and learning methods through a more efficient and digitized platform by using Masterdojo.

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Unanswered questions?

Learn even more about Masterdojo’s benefits


You will get your own app in the name of your business, powered by Masterdojo with all its features that currently exists.
You can launch in as little as 30 days from submitting your order.
Yes, Your clients will download your app from the Apple iOS app store and Google play store.
Yes, you will be able to select and apply primary, secondary colours and font colours in the app to apply to your brand. Your logo and app icon will be part of your app and your notifications to clients will include your logo.
No, this is your custom branded app exclusive for your business. There will be no visibility of other trainers and coaches in your custom app. Your clients will download your app and will only see your programs and content and interact with you only.
Yes, all the content and clients data that you upload is owned by you and can be extracted for you upon request. Your clients data which they create, including their personal profile is owned by individual clients, by law.
Your Masterdojo powered app is architected and built for speed and scale. We will be responsible for all updates and maintenance of your app at no additional costs for you. It’s included as a standard. We will also be introducing new features and functionality on an ongoing basis and even that is included as standard for you. You may want to refer to our product roadmap to see our future features.
We can always develop custom design and features for your app based on your specific requirements. Please get in touch with us at customise@masterdojo.io with your inquiry and we will work with you to understand your needs and work out the best way to add the required features and functionality for you.

Contact us to book a session with our expert consultants today and get started on your Masterdojo journey!

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