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Top 3 White-Label Mobile App Development Mistakes You’re Probably Guilty Of

Building a custom-branded or white-label mobile app for your business can be exciting and intimidating. Because as you finally gain access to the untapped possibilities in today’s mobile-first economy, you also make yourself vulnerable to an aggressively competitive digital market industry and the costly mobile app development mistakes that make your white-label app doomed to failure.

Although we’re a firm believer in failing as an inevitable part of learning and succeeding, it also makes sense to do your due diligence before taking the plunge. In this article, Masterdojo CEO and founder Dr. Jay Pandya, shares his list of top three mobile app development mistakes he believes business owners should avoid and offers his expert opinions on possible solutions. 

Let’s delve right in!

Undefined Scope — Going Over the Top with Too Many Features  

Real talk: trying to build an overly complicated white-label mobile app with so many features in the first version is a big mobile app development mistake because:

  • It can take a toll on your budget and production time. With so many revisions and refinements you have to go through, your app would be obsolete and irrelevant by the time you’re done with your first version.
  • It can confuse your target audience and make it challenging to sell.
  • It can affect your app’s overall performance, slowing its loading time and increasing the risks of bugs and crashes.
  • Too many features can make your app too big, risking users deleting it when they run out of storage. A study shows that 25% of users delete mobile apps for this reason.

To successfully build an intuitive custom-branded mobile app, we always encourage clients to narrow down key features using the MoSCow Prioritisation. Also known as the MoSCoW method or MoSCoW analysis, it is a popular prioritisation technique for managing requirements and represents four categories of initiatives:

  • Must have
  • Should have 
  • Could have 
  • Wish to have but will not have right now 

Taking User Experience Research for Granted 

No one person can imagine the perfect app. Sure, many app founders make it sound like they thought of theirs on their own even if they had a team of creatives and developers who also contributed a thing or two. 

But you know what? There’s nothing wrong with putting your ego aside, doing your research, and inviting input from others.

  • Talk about your app 

People think that if they show their app in the initial stages, their idea might be stolen or could be embarrassing. It’s a huge mobile app development mistake, and in fact, you should be doing the opposite. Don’t be afraid to talk about your idea. If you can get somebody to buy your app before you even write the first line of code, the better — now you know you have real commercial validation, and your idea actually works. Somebody else other than yourself sees value in what you’re talking about.

  • Listen to user feedback

Don’t wait until your white label mobile app is super perfect before letting your users put it on a road test. That’s a classic mobile app development mistake you should definitely avoid. Engage your target users early on. Release a beta version of your app and let the market have a go with it. Ask them what they honestly think of it, favourite parts, and which ones need more improvement. Leverage the feedback you collected and incorporate it into your future updates.

Hiring Freelancers to Save on Costs 

Awesome mobile app ideas are useless without proper execution. That’s why hiring the right development team should be non-negotiable. Unfortunately, budding businesses or startups, like online coaching businesses, make this expensive mobile app development mistake when choosing freelancers who offer cheaper per-hour rates than reputable and established agencies to build their white-label mobile apps.

From the get-go, it may seem like you’re doing yourself a favour because you’re cutting down on costs. While this can be a case-to-case scenario, sometimes working with freelancers has disadvantages that may be counterproductive to your project. 

These include:

  • Communication hurdles.
    Most freelancers come from different countries. Sometimes just setting up an online meeting can be an issue due to conflicting time zones.
  • Questionable loyalty.
    You cannot expect freelancers to have the same company loyalty as full-time employees. It can be difficult to entrust sensitive data and information critical to your custom branded app or business. 
  • Risk of abandoning the project.
    Freelancers can disappear anytime they want when they feel like it. When this happens, you fall behind your timeline or deadline.
  • Delivering output that doesn’t meet your expectations.
    Freelancers have different levels of technical skill sets. Sometimes business owners go for the ones that offer the cheapest rate with the unrealistic mindset that they will work and deliver above industry standards. Sadly, more often than not, it’s a classic example of you getting what you pay for. 

Building a white-label mobile app requires expertise in various areas, including UX/UI mobile design, programming, back-end computing, and cross-platform development. You need a team that consists of a designer, developer, and analyst at the very least to build your app. These people bring different expertise and skills to the table, and it’s illogical to expect all those from one individual. The best thing to do is hire an agency with a highly qualified and experienced development team who perfectly understands the requirements. 

Get the Ninja Experience: Build Your Custom Branded App with Masterdojo 

Save yourself from these costly mobile app development mistakes with Masterdojo. Let’s talk about how we can help you with your dream build. Complete our online contact form to book a demo with one of our custom-branded app experts today.

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